For quite sometime, graphic design has been sought as a media to facilitate and deliver the idea of branding, provoking and informing by establishing the connection between the messages itself to the people, through a relevant context as its medium.


Founded in 2005, Thinking*Room is a Jakarta-based graphic design company that is inspired by the limitless potentials of an idea. Spearheaded by a group of likeminded designers and artist, we have provided conceptual solution to clients from retail to corporate. Through our intuitive approach and crafted skills we have used both traditional and non-traditional methods to communicate the different elements of a brand.


Known for pushing the limits, we have gained many of the clients trust to focus on total designs and concepts solutions. As we continue to focus on branding, art direction, visual identity, typography, environmental design, content, publishing, and interactive design, we have mastered an important power to move people through our designs.


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Employment Inquiries

We are always looking for good and talented people to join our studio. Send your CV and portfolio to (max. 2 MB)If you are currently a student in visual communications or graphic design and have a great personality with good knowledge in graphic design, you can apply for an internship at Thinking*Room. Send your CV and portfolio to (max. 2 MB)


Portfolio Review
We do have Portfolio Review Session on every last Friday of the month, where maximum of five students can visit to our studio, share their work and get a review from us. Email your request to and we will email the first five students further details on schedule and requirements.


Citylofts Sudirman, Suite 919
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 121
Jakarta, 10220
P +6221 255 585 96

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Development: Davin F. Devara, Aldeo Plato
Photography: Kenzo Miyake, Putra Agung


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