Demonic in Still Loving Youth

Under the imprint of Scandal, Still Loving Youth (SLY) talks and collaborates with artists, illustrators, designers, public figures and individuals from around the world. Published quarterly, this time SLY gave us the chance to join forces for their second issue “Types Are Fun”. The initial brief was to create a set of font that will be recreated by preschool kids afterwards. We were thinking about putting together something contrary from the idea of children, and their simple way of thinking. That’s how we went with Blackletter type. The ornamental and complicated sense of Blackletter’s anatomy will be an interesting contrast compared to children’s simple and often spontaneous expressions.

APD Vol.7

Our recent works are featured in the APD (Asia Pacific Design) No. 7 along with Pentagram (US), Sagmeister (US), Anagrama (Mexico) and The Bureau (Singapore). The Goods Dept. and Jackrabbit branding adorned the visual identity section. Whereas the typography section welcomed our self-initiated project We Are Stupid and In Vino Veritas for Cork & Screw. The brochure and brand book for I Like Gym and 7th edition of Versus Magazine cover cunningly sit in the print section.

Being A Graphic Designer

With a career path that’s not exactly familiar or even viewed as an unreliable job to most Indonesians, instead ditch all the fun and amusing facade of being a graphic designer and imagine sitting in the electrocution chair waiting for the death sentence. In front of the students at Widya Mandala University Surabaya, Eric Widjaja opens the 2012 ADGI Surabaya Chapter by revealing the harsh reality of working as a graphic designer in Jakarta nowadays.

Excellent: International Design Yearbook 2012

Excellent: International Design Yearbook 2011 reflects the face of recent graphic design industry throughout the world, and Asian regions particularly. Giving opportunities for excellent designers to standout, the 2012 volume also features our Goods Dept• and I Like Gym.

Type Player Vol.2

Another Experimental Type Highlights for our project “We Are Stupid” and “Eat”. Fascination to the awkward and the off had pushed Ian Lynam to collate with type designers around the world and thus Type Player was born. Highlighting the best of unorthodox creations, Type Player exposes type as experiment and images. Our featured works in the 2nd volume include Versus’ “We Are Stupid” designer postcard and Cork&Screw’s “Eat” Bag.

DGI Online Exhibition #05: Eric Widjaja

Tuntutan praktis di dalam pekerjaan kadang melupakan kita untuk lebih bereksperimen. Rutinitas membunuh kreativitas, tenggat waktu bagai vonis yang tak dapat ditawar, dan kita terseret untuk segera mewujudkan karya demi karya hingga melupakan ide baru, dorongan bermain dan semangat uji coba.

Di situlah letak kehebatan Eric Widjaja, dia sanggup bermain di antara pekatnya tuntutan praktis pekerjaan, menggulirkan ide-ide bermain di dalam visual yang diciptakannya. Dan seperti yang terlihat pada karya “We are Stupid”, “A Decade of Good Laugh” serta “Legacy”, Eric masih kerap bermain dengan obyek nyata, menyusun satu demi satu obyek tersebut, berlelah dalam instalasi hingga merekamnya dalam media visual — sebuah runut kerja proses kreatif yang semakin jarang kita lakukan karena Image Editing Software telah begitu memanjakan kita.

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