• Identity

Bird, when it’s not a flying species, is another word for an odd person, which is what birdman is about. Aside of its eyebrow-raising name, Birdman is a Melbourne-style izakaya with an interesting personality. In Japan’s unapologetically fast-paced high-expectation life, people went to izakayas after work hours to talk, rant or even just to interact with strangers. In this place they are free of any social roles. This has given us the idea to use eyes, since they are the windows to the soul, and when we look at someone in the eye, it means we are confident and free from the fear of being judged. For the graphics, we made Birdman to look simple, subtle and naïve yet oddly witty at the same time — as seen in the menu direction and the front signage. Since Birdman is open for rush hour lunch, there are ones who came alone, thus we coined the tagline “solo ok, flocks ok” meaning “come with your weird self or with your weird friends”

Client : Birdman
Year : 2017
Art Director : Eric Widjaja
Designers : Nandiasa Rahmawati, Mathilda Samosir, Bram Patria Yoshugi