Thinking*Room is a branding and design company. We help brands grow with a clear voice and a story worth telling. Putting together craft and thinking into our work, we bring about ideas that resonate with people.

Our work spans over a decade, across multiple mediums and for clients of every type. We set our heart and mind to make designs that people think about before they go to sleep.



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  • Installations
  • Interior Direction

Eric Widjaja

Design Principal

Eric graduated from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, initially studying Industrial Engineering then laboring his passion in graphic design for a decade and a half – when he realized that design is another form of language in the visual context. After leaving parts of his heart in San Francisco, Eric flew home and founded Thinking*Room a few years later. Since day one, Eric enjoys immersing himself in the process more than the end result, as not knowing the end result itself is like an obsession to him. A big fan and a practicing craftsman in emotion-driven design, Eric believes in creating designs that resonate with people as well as an environment that centers around togetherness for his team.

Ritter Willy Putra

Art Director

Ritter is the realistic dreamer who makes things happen. Design and creativity to Ritter are like magic when an idea, an approach, with endless possibilities comes to life in our time and space, intuitively and unconsciously. To Ritter, design exists to tell stories, spark souls, touch hearts, and drive actions, which is the magic he’s here to do. But hear, hear, the one trick up Ritter’s sleeves to make things happen is none other than a careful strategy and a heart full of determination. At the time of writing, Ritter dreams to do what he still loves doing – designing, but from anywhere he wants.

Ira Carella

Art Director

With a Master’s in Graphic Design at Bandung Institute of Technology, Ira sways her way with story-rich designs that play the heartstrings. When it comes to movie genres, detective & mystery would be her number one – and design is similar to her riddle-solving movies. To Ira, every design case is like a mystery needed to be solved. But it’s nothing suspenseful, for Ira that design is close to us humans, and her compassionate approach is to understand humans to make good design. Her love for design rich with stories is poured into her side passion for paper doll crafts.

Bram Patria Yoshugi

Junior Art Director

If Bram’s playfulness could be put in a jar, it would be the most potent potion there is. His love for toys and playing in general translates into unexpected designs that leave a mark. Explorations in ideas and design are like a daily commute, where his mind wanders to all the places where visual is a spoken language. His explorations do not limit the platforms he utilizes, because Bram will probably master any software the moment he says hi to it. When he’s not busy fidgeting on his keyboard, he’s most likely fidgeting on his air-dry clay, sculpting otherworldly creatures.

Leonardo Laurensius

Senior Graphic Designer

Leonardo, or Leo for short, centers himself and his creations around universality and how design is a form of collaboration between different mediums. This appreciation for universality also translates into his illustrations that reflect on the humor life speaks on. Spending a few years in Singapore for his Graphic Design degree at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Leo loves to walk around getting lost in the neighborhoods or wherever he is and captures the moment with his disposable camera while at it. He often gets inspired from the mundanity of his daily commutes, and reflective, universal, relatable become descriptions one could say when they look at Leo’s designs.

Clifford Caleb Dione

Senior Graphic Designer

Having picked up his pencil the earliest he can remember, Clifford reimagines the worlds of every project with his precise and intricate brush strokes. His love for Sci-Fi shows & movies compels him so much that he wants to create worlds of his own, breathing life into every brand’s story, transforming any brief by inciting visual sensations and experiences particularly with the powerful magic of typography. No matter the kind of story Clifford is telling, it is an experience that even the writer is out of words to describe it.

Kezia Josephine

Graphic Designer

Kezia is one to wander with her feet, from one city and continent to another. Her thirst for taking in new experiences and insights she quenches by the immense research once she delves into a project, which allows her to travel ideas beyond her imagination. Kezia is also one to believe that every form of design, graphic, interior, fashion, and all there is to design, is in touch with the human senses, and having a sense in design is essential in her craft. Having this sense is also extended to adopting handmade vessels, homewares, and even making the most visually pleasing and mouth watering breakfasts.

Miko Awangyudha

Graphic Designer

Miko speaks through his designs with the idea of communication as the center of every dot, line, shape, color, composition, and idea. Most of the time, Miko flows in his craft in every sense of the word – he loves stretching, literally. Whether static or moving, he makes sure that what he’s communicating moves the hearts of others. His love for communication also speaks in how he cherishes good company at all times. When Miko is not playing with keyframes, he most likely enjoys his coffee whilst discovering songs he has never come across before (and usually ends up liking them) on a music streaming app.

Tasya Darmawan

Graphic Designer

Tasya (They/Them), widely known in the office as ‘Tezet’, runs out in the world exploring anything physical and printed. Born and raised in Bandung, Tezet became a part of the Bandung office with a passion for the mindful arts and knowledge-for-all in their pocket. When they have nothing to do, they would busy themselves playing with an abundance of tools and DIY kits, as well as giving a new soul to unused items they have around the house. Tezet’s love for feline friends often means plenty of belly rubs to their own cat and found strays. Also, their iconic haircut is the result of carefully maintaining it every morning to be “on point”.

Sandika Bagja Pinasti

Graphic Designer

Sandika is a graphic designer by day and a farmer-to-be by night. Breathing in new things he finds from the design process, Sandika’s routine also starts with breathing in the smell of wind and soil from his garden. The journey from ‘not knowing’ to ‘knowing’ fascinates him, and Sandika finds this rather humble beauty in design and the mundane every day. Taking care of his motorbike, tidying up the house, and looking after the fresh produce that he often brings into the office, Sandika takes pride in any process–mundane or not, and enjoys it thoroughly.

Wanda Almira


Bitung-born, Bandung-raised, Wanda is not a stranger to the diversity of places and chances, especially after exploring her illustrations in Finland. Having graduated with an Interior Design degree, Wanda always tries to address design objectives by balancing the technical, creative, and aesthetic aspects, all from her illustrative design process. With her gestural illustrations, one can find Wanda creating new scapes and spaces in lights never seen before. Her honest strokes reflect the mindset she aspires to practice, which is ‘to live life as it is’.

Audrey Dea

Account Executive/Project Manager

Audrey is a happy-go-lucky one who loves all things dark head to toe. But don’t let it fool you because Audrey’s warm antics always bring everyone together. She spends most of her time in awe of the different perspectives talking to people gives, which becomes one of her favorite parts of her day. Audrey is a big fan of heartwarming animation works, leading her to see the small details whether in motion pictures or real life. If excitement and sentimentality could be personified, it would be Audrey.

Maudy Octavianggi


Maudy spends most of her years moving from one city to another, eventually making it to the Big Durian. Quite the traveler and one heaven of a singer, she is studying financial management on the side of her hustle at Thinking*Room. Maudy loves chatting up new people and catching up with folks she has met, which includes clients and financing folks of other companies. When she’s not thinking about taxes and quotations, she’s thinking about which Indonesia’s mountain peak or sunny beach to walk on next.



Bukalapak, Rocket Internet (Flash Coffee), Rata Indonesia, Yummy Corp, StickEarn Indonesia, Evermos


Tokopedia, Emtek Group/ Samara Live, Indigo by Telkom, Intudo Ventures, Datascrip, Djarum, Perusahaan Gas Negara, Transgasindo


Jakarta Setiabudi International, Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate, Agung Sedayu Group, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Intiland, Okura Residences Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia, Mulia Group, Shangri-La Jakarta, Sinarmas Land


Union Group, Hiro Group, Doughlab, Pand’or Cakes, Six Ounces, BIKO Group, Common Grounds Coffee & Roastery, KFC Indonesia, Sec Bowl, GF Culinary, Oma Elly Group, Sarirasa Group


Line Bank by Hana Bank, Bank Tabungan Negara, Bank Tabungan Pensiun Negara (BTPN), Commonwealth Bank, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Indonesia, OCBC NISP


VIVERE, Gunacipta Multirasa (Koepoe-Koepoe & Sambal Belibis), Agro Prima Sejahtera (Frui), Paragon Innovation (Wardah Beauty), Materium, Danone AQUA, Lima Watch, The Goods Dept•


DestinAsian, ELLE Indonesia, Footurama, Indoestri Makerspace, Mentari Intercultural School, Miniapolis

Select Books

  • PALETTE Mini Series No.4: Neon

    Viction:ary - 2021
  • BRANDLife: Restaurants & Bars

    Viction:ary - 2019
  • Fully Visualized

    Sandu Publishing Co. Ltd., China - 2019

    We Are Not Lie - 2019
  • Asia Pacific Design No.14

    Sandu Publishing Co. Ltd., China - 2019
  • Brand - Evolution of Materials Issue 39

    SendPoints Publishing Co.,Ltd. - 2018
  • IdN Magazine Volume 24 No.6: Typography & Type Design

    Systems Design Limited, Hong Kong - 2018
  • HOW Magazine Summer 2017: The Creativity Issue. Vol XXXII, No.2

    F+W Media - 2017
  • DGI Collected

    DGI Press - 2017
  • Asia Pacific Design No.12

    Sandu Publishing Co. Ltd., China - 2016
  • Look at Me! – New Poster Design

    Sandu Publishing Co. Ltd., China - 2015
  • Elle Décor

  • Asia Pacific Design No.10

    Sandu Publishing Co. Ltd., China - 2014
  • ASIAN CREATIVES: 150 Emerging Talents in Art, Design, Illustration, and Photography


Select Talks & Workshop

  • Design For Good Experience, SEGD

    Singapore, 2021
  • TDC Virtual Salons

    New York, 2021
  • Design Diplomacy

    Singapore, 2020
  • Ideafest 2019: Age of Pride

    Jakarta, 2019
  • Jakarta Branding Week

    Jakarta, 2018
  • Adiwarna

    Surabaya, 2018
  • TDC62 Travelling Exhibition

    Bandung, 2017
  • Concrete Class

    Jakarta, 2017
  • Ultigraph: Rupavikara

    Tangerang, 2017
  • Bekraf Festival

    Surabaya, 2017
  • Suroboyo Creative Week

    Surabaya, 2017
  • Ideafest 2016: Shift(Think)

    Jakarta, 2016

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