Astronomer: Lima Watch x Thinking*Room

Products / 2016

Lima Watch is an Indonesian boutique watch brand specializing in wooden watches. The brand has gained traction among people who are looking for unique-looking yet quality watches. Its watches are sold in retail stores in Jakarta, Bali, Singapore and Hongkong.

Astronomer is the fruit of our collaboration with Lima Watch, producing a series of watches which designs are inspired by the phrase ‘When stars align’. The phrase refers to when certain stars are in position similar to when one was born, granting good fortune to him/her at that particular moment.

  • Discipline Misc.
  • Art Director Eric Widjaja
  • Graphic Designer Mathilda Samosir, Stevanus Kurniawan
  • Brand Design Sciencewerk
  • Photography Sciencewerk & Fredy Wijaya
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