Flash Coffee

Food & Beverages / 2019

Flash Coffee is a tech-enabled coffee chain in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, having started its origin story in Indonesia. Flash Coffee envisions its coffee as impactful as encouraging people to do their fullest potentials daily by making affordable coffee a fuel for busy bees. Flash Coffee's vision to make coffee culture more widely available across Asia inspired us to approach its branding identity with an iconic color palette that will catch people's attention. With an energetic yellow that grabs the eyes, we pair it up with the fuchsia and turquoise that makes Flash Coffee confident and dynamic.
  • Discipline Identity, Environment, Packaging
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Art Director Ritter Willy Putra
  • Graphic Designer Leonardo Laurensius
  • Photography Vony Wong & Flash Coffee
  • Model Sasqia Pristia, Kevyn Augusta
  • Make Up Regitta Jasmine
  • Copywriter Gana Adi
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