Game of the Ox

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Come has Chinese New Year 2021, but the current global predicament has broken the traditions of visiting and spending time with our physically-distant families together. But what better way to celebrate it at home with our loved ones than with good company and a good board game?

The new year is filled with anticipations and moves-making. Inspired by the Year of the Ox and the only two letters from the word 'Ox', we decided to do a contemporary take on tic-tac-toe, the game that uses X's and O's, with a twist; rewarding winner with fated pearls of wisdom of what to anticipate and focus on this year. In collaboration with Oaken Lab, Game of the OX was born.

  • Discipline Misc.
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Art Director Ritter Willy Putra
  • Designer Clifford Dione, Kezia Josephine
  • Copywriter Sasqia Pristia
  • Photographer Vony Wong
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