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Indigo is a startup incubator & accelerator initiative by Telkom. With a cause that focuses on transforming the country through digital developments, Indigo aspires to nurture Indonesian future startup founders and their visions to come realized.

The role of Indigo as an incubator and accelerator for future startups is abstracted into the role of a nest, thus having visions abstracted into eggs. This allegory shown on the logomark is accompanied with a refined red, along with a scheme of colors that complements it.

With a vision that values advancement, progress, movement and direction, the visual identity is completed through the use of arrows as a driving graphic element.

  • Discipline Identity
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Brand Strategist Joseph Eko
  • Art Director Ira Carella
  • Graphic Designer Bram Patria Yoshugi
  • Copywriter Sasqia Pristia
  • Motion Graphic Miko Awangyudha
  • Account Executive Kevyn Augusta, Regitta Jasmine
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