Food & Beverages / 2017

How to stand out in an ever-competitive culinary landscape already full of Japanese restaurants? Serving delicious food is certainly essential, but so is a solid and good branding. Itoya, aware of the importance of the latter, approached us to cook it.

In order to visually portray the brand's motto, 'Tokyo in a Bowl', we incorporated the iconic red circle into the logo. It may come off as cliche, but there's more to the red circle: It's modular. It’s applicable in not only the logo but in numerous other things, such as the bowl design or even the typography treatment.

  • Discipline Identity
  • Art Director Eric Widjaja
  • Graphic Designer Bram Patria Yoshugi
  • Photographer Ritter Willy Putra, Vony Wong
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Susu Kuda Liar Sumbawa

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