Lima Meca Series

Products / 2020

As part of the Lima Watch collection, Lima Meca is the first watch collection that needs no battery, powered only by kinetic movement by winding the key, included with the watch. This mechanical movement that becomes the quirk of this collection is inspired by tin toys back in the 19th century, telling the story of space-traveling through time.

The retrofuturism theme defines our approach when developing the collection's packaging identity, illustrations, and graphics on the watches. The movement retrofuturism in the '50s and '60s was when design and pop culture were obsessed with all things "Space" related and looking into the future. Hence Lima Meca comes in three time-traveling toy entities: The Speeder, The Traveller, The Blaster.

  • Discipline Identity, Packaging
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Art Director Ritter Willy Putra
  • Graphic Designer Bram Patria Yoshugi
  • Illustrator Clifford Caleb Dione
  • Photographer Vony Wong
  • Product Design Lima Watch
  • Copywriter Sasqia Pristia
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