Susu Kuda Liar Sumbawa

Products / 2017

Susu Kuda Liar, which means “Wild Horse’s Milk” is a local product of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. It is one of “Indikasi Geografis” (Geographical Indication) products, a program by Bekraf (Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy) in collaboration with ADGI (Indonesian Graphic Designers Association). The program aims to promote remarkable and unique local products of certain areas in Indonesia. And wild horse’s milk certainly offers an unique taste - it ferments by itself on the second day onwards after it’s milked, resulting in a sour flavor unlike cow’s milk. We designed the packaging and logo, the latter’s typeface treatment is inspired by Aksara (alphabet) of Sumbawa, with sharp corners and bold.

  • Discipline Identity, Packaging
  • Art Director Eric Widjaja
  • Graphic Designer Ritter Willy Putra, Maria Albesta
  • Photographer Vony Wong
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