Food & Beverages / 2022

Plenty of times, eating together makes the food taste better. Taking inspiration from the modern-day occurrence of eating by oneself, Bandung-based Hittobitto embraces the idea of togetherness and enjoying food with others in an open space. Serving Japanese food with its modern fuse, the restaurant’s appreciation for others becomes the restaurant’s name. The name originally comes from ひとびと (read: Hitobito) meaning ‘People’ written in hiragana. The name’s romaji version is given additional T’s for a contemporary twist to it.

  • Discipline Identity, Environment
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Art Director Bram Patria Yoshugi
  • Graphic Designer Clifford Caleb
  • Copywriter Sasqia Pristia
  • Account Executive Regitta Jasmine, Steven Christian
  • Portfolio Photographer Dani Effendi
  • Portfolio Stylist Kezia Josephine
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