Journey Oriental Kitchen & Bar

Food & Beverages / 2016

Journey Oriental Kitchen & Bar is a contemporary Chinese Restaurant & Bar in Surabaya. A large selection of dim sum to Tea Bar are served in this place. The name, Journey, derived from one of the great classical novels of Chinese literature, Journey to The West. The J and O in the logotype is composed from Chinese letters for journey (程). Inspired with the original story, we created a brand and concept that brings all four characters came alive, as The Monkey King and his friends have stopped by to the place while they travelling to the west. Four life-size sculptures holding kitchen utensils was also created to complement the ambience with some humour and wittiness.

  • Discipline Identity, Environment
  • Photographer Ritter Willy Putra
  • Art Director Eric Widjaja
  • Graphic Designer Wicky Syailendra
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