Artotel Wanderlust

Property & Hospitality / 2023

Traveling has become more than just an escape. Nowadays, we often travel in the hope of discovering new stories. Realizing that the essence of traveling goes beyond the destination itself, Artotel, with its new loyalty brand, Wanderlust, sets out to engage wanderers with a holistic curation of local experiences, offering more benefits into their journey and unforgettable stories to bring home.

The letter A in the logotype serves as a visual embodiment of the spirit of wandering. And the vibrant moments we encounter during our journeys are reflected in the identity color of Wanderlust.
  • Discipline Identity
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Art Director Ritter Willy Putra
  • Graphic Designer Pierre Ang
  • Design Writer Sasqia Pristia
  • Account Executive Steven Cristian
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