Financial Fitness Gym by OCBC NISP

Institution / 2021

Often we are surrounded by conversations about financial management and how muddling it can get, especially in today's climate. With this issue in mind, OCBC NISP came up with a view. What if finances are not only to be managed but also to be trained?

OCBC NISP's awareness of financial health as important as physical health formed Ruang MeNyala Financial Fitness Gym, an offline and online platform with diverse financial services to maintain financial health in a gym concept. Financial Fitness Gym, or FFG for short, is set to be the banking experience reimagined into something bold and energetic. 

  • Discipline Identity, Environment
  • Creative Director Eric Widjaja
  • Art Director Ritter Willy Putra
  • Graphic Designer Clifford Caleb Dione, Miko Awangyudha
  • Mascot Designer Clifford Caleb Dione
  • Mascot 3D Artist Yuwanda Bagus
  • Motion Graphic Miko Awangyudha, Gerwyn Giovanni
  • Photographer Vony Wong
  • Account Executive Kevyn Augusta, Regitta Jasmine
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