Jiǎ Contemporary Chinese Dining

Food & Beverages / 2017

Shangri-la Jakarta entrusted us with a project to transform the traditional Shang Palace into a contemporary Chinese dining destination to attract a younger demographic. Starting with the naming process, we chose the Chinese word ‘jiǎ’, meaning first, referring to the location of the establishment in the first floor of Shangri-la hotel. The word ‘jia’, said in  different tones, can also mean family and home. The logo for Jiǎ was created by combining the Latin alphabet with Chinese character ‘甲’ and modified them to portray the relax and contemporary feel of the restaurant. Aside of naming and brand identity, we also directed and designed menu book, created social media templates and marketing collaterals, as well as invitations for the opening event. The result is a brand that is fresh, yet still pays homage to its traditional roots, and appealing to new and loyal customers alike.

  • Discipline Identity
  • Art Director Eric Widjaja
  • Graphic Designer Ritter Willy Putra
  • Photographer Vony Wong
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